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When we design our products, we take nature in to consideration, and that's why we use scraps of birch plywood for our sample boxes. This might not be the most sophisticated sample box out there, but we really take pride of the fact that we can use scraps around the shop and make them entirely in-house from A to Z.

Use these samples to plan out your future spaces.

The four textured mirror tints come straight from an artisanal shop in Italy, where they apply chemical washes to the silvering on the back of mirrors by hand.

Our obsidian mirror is a silvered black glass made in Canada.

All the included mirrors can be mixed and matched on any of our designs with no change in cost. We stock other tints too. Feel free to inquire about what else we have in stock if you have something else in mind for your interior.

Free for interior designers only, one set per customer.

Here's some more details:

Box dimensions: 11 x 8 x 1.75 in (28 x 20.3 x 4.44cm)
Box weight: 3.5 lbs (1.58 kg) 

Each sample measures 2.75 x 2.25 in (6.98 x 5.71cm)

Top slides open and can be secured with rubber band.

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