Mirrors Collective

Mirrors Collective is a high-end mirror design and manufacturing brand, where our production technology is the source of our  design decisions. We do not have a singular aesthetic defining our path, rather a rigorous curiosity about what we can do with what we have locally, in-house. 

All of our mirrors are 100% fabricated in Brooklyn with decades of expertise  crafting high-end mirrors in the heart of New York’s design scene. 

Our studio is our factory, full of state-of-the-art technology. This is where we dream of what is possible with glass, mirrors, and framings.  Because our designers work directly with our production team, we are able to create a unique start-to-end production cycle.

First, we have complete creative control at each step of the manufacturing process that allows for diverse range of designs. Second, it gives us the ability to create customized made-to-order pieces in days, not months. And third, with the middle-man out of the way, we can focus on delivering the highest quality product. 

By making it easy for our customers to understand the process and all of the available options, we aim to be the “go-to” resource for interior designers, architects, and individual customers around the world. 

We are Mirrors Collective, but you can call us M.Co.